LockAseptII – the new  instrument line for laparoscopy. 

In terms of quality,  user friendliness and economy the new LockAseptII instrument line defines the new standard of laparoscopic instruments. 

Some highlights include an additional cleaning port which allows easy and time saving reprocessing without taking the instrument apart.  Another advantage are jaws made out of a special stainless steel, which makes them even harder and resistant to torque and corrosion. The chief attraction, however, is the new and unique bayonet coupling, which makes assembling safe but so much easier. 


  • With unique bayonet coupling 
  • Demountable 
  • Flushable 
  • Rotatable, 360° rotation 
  • Carbon fibre reinforced handles in different styles 
  • Length 26 cm, 33 cm and 45 cm available 
  • Time saving   though easy cleaning and assembling 
  • Highest durability, even if autoclaved 
  • Cost   effective


In addition to our LockAseptII line following products are available from us:

  • Trocar Sets 
  • Needle holders
  • Clip Appliers
  • Suction-Irrigation sets
  • Hook electrodes
  • and much more

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Since its foundation 1991, OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH has specialized in instruments and devices for Endoscopy and Minimal – Invasive – Surgery (MIS). Through this long lasting experience, OPTEC gained the competence and know how which made OPTEC to a leading supplier with own innovative product developments. Today, the product range of OPTEC comprises the entire spectrum of the Minimal-Invasive-Surgery and Endoscopy and embodies innovation and quality “Made in Germany” for the leading health professionals world-wide.