OPTEC´s new hysteroscopy programme is based on the continued development of our production processes combined with the use of the latest materials.
The new instruments are easier to handle, have greater durability and a considerably increased flow rates.
The following Hysteroscopy-Products are available:
  • Resectoscopes
  • Electrodes and cables
  • bipolar electrodes
  • operating sheaths
  • diagnostic sheaths
  • flexible instruments

All OPTEC hysteroscopy instruments are fully compatible with oter brands made in Germany. Please consult OPTEC or your local consultant if you need more  information.

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Since its foundation 1991, OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH has specialized in instruments and devices for Endoscopy and Minimal – Invasive – Surgery (MIS). Through this long lasting experience, OPTEC gained the competence and know how which made OPTEC to a leading supplier with own innovative product developments. Today, the product range of OPTEC comprises the entire spectrum of the Minimal-Invasive-Surgery and Endoscopy and embodies innovation and quality “Made in Germany” for the leading health professionals world-wide.